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Texas Animal Control Policy Statements

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The Texas Animal Control Association is not a governing body, but is an association dedicated to the advancement of Animal Control and Welfare personnel. 

The Texas Animal Control Association is a strong supporter of local option and presents these policies in that perspective. The Texas Animal Control Association urges all Animal Control and Welfare agencies to give them serious thought. 

The Texas Animal Control Association does not present them as requirements for membership, but rather as worthwhile goals for all to strive toward. 

These policies reflect the position of the Texas Animal Control Association on issues contained therein as of the date of this document. Polices may change as information becomes available that will improve the quality of life for the citizens and animals of Texas

Purpose and Objectives:

    1. Educate and train Animal Control and Humane personnel. 
    2. Education of the public in the responsibilities of Animal Control personnel and of the public.  
    3. Exchange information regarding Animal Control Programs.
    4. Provide expertise and guidelines on Animal Control problems to officials at city, county and state levels. 
    5. Support and assist the Department of State Health Services in the development of standards and certification procedures for Animal Control personnel, as covered under the Texas Health and Safety Codes.
    6. Identify and make recommendations on problems requiring further research. 
    7. Provide liaison with other professional organizations and groups having related interests.

TACA Policy Statements

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