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TACA Mission Statement

TACA is an association committed to the advancement of all animal control and animal welfare professionals through education, leadership, and advocacy.  Please click here to read TACA's current by-laws

Who we are

Established in 1974, the Texas Animal Control Association (TACA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of animal control and animal welfare personnel.  Membership in TACA shows the highest degree of commitment to the animal control and welfare field.  TACA works to ensure that its member’s voices are heard at the local, state, and national levels to ensure that the best interests of the profession are protected.   

TACA Established

Dedicated to: 

Dr. Edwin A. Beckom who presented the concerns that faced communities and their animal control agencies that resulted in the formation of the Texas Animal Control Association

Dr. Archie Flowers of Texas A&M University for providing leadership, direction, and expertise in establishing the Texas Animal Control Association

In the fall of 1973, Dr. Edwin A. Beckhom Jr., Public Health Veterinarian for the City of Dallas, wrote a letter to Texas A&M University seeking assistance with animal population control. A group from Texas A&M discussed the problem with Dr. Beckhom and the Assistant City Manager of Dallas. At this meeting, it was decided the problem needed to be addressed on a statewide basis. Invitations were sent to the cities of San Antonio, Houston, and El Paso requesting a second meeting. On February 5, 1974, a meeting was held at the Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas at the Annual Convention of the Texas Veterinary Medical Association. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss a statewide program for the control of the different animal populations in Texas. The meeting was informal, with discussions from several different perspectives on the (then) programs and problems facing communities.

Those in attendance included: 

 Dr. Edwin A. Beckhom     City of Dallas 

 Mr. William R. Blackwell  Center for Urban Programs, Texas A&M University 

 Dr. E.W. Ellet                      Small Animal Clinic, Texas A&M University 

 Dr. G.W. Fischer                 City of Houston 

 Dr. Archie I. Flowers          Public Health Veterinarian, Texas A&M University 

 Dr. Robert L. Hummer       The American Humane Association 

 Dr. Lee R. Hutchinson       City of El Paso 

 Dr. Joseph D. Salisbury     City of San Antonio 

Dr. Archie I. Flowers was asked to serve as secretary until the association could be formalized.

On May 13, 1974 at 10:00 a.m., a meeting was held in Room 301, J. Earl Rudder Tower on the Texas A&M Campus with 29 persons in attendance. Dr. Flowers and William R. Blackwell served as temporary co-chairs of the meeting. Dr. Flowers explained the background leading up to the proposed formation of the association. After discussion of the purpose for the organization, requirements for membership, etc., the name "Texas Animal Control Association" was formally adopted. 

The first meeting of the "Texas Animal Control Association" was held at the Ramada Inn at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 17, 1974. Dr. Flowers (Acting President) officiated the meeting. The officers and executive board were elected and the membership categories and fees established.

TACA Objectives

Established in 1974, The Texas Animal Control Association is not a governing body, but is an association dedicated to the advancement of animal control and animal welfare personnel. The Texas Animal Control Association is a 501c 3 non-profit organization. Money used to conduct business of the Association comes from membership dues, fees for services, etc. TACA may receive grants or funds from workshops it sponsors. The officers, Board of Directors and regional advisors are volunteers and receive no salary for their services.

The objectives of the Texas Animal Control Association are: 

 Educate and train Animal Control and Humane personnel. 

 Education of the public in the responsibilities of Animal Control personnel and of the public. 

 Exchange information regarding Animal Control Programs. 

 Provide expertise and guidelines on Animal Control problems to officials at city, county and state levels. 

 Support and assist the Texas Department of State Health Services in the development of standards and certification procedures for Animal Control personnel, as covered under the Texas Health and Safety Codes. 

 Identify and make recommendations on problems requiring further research. 

 Provide liaison with other professional organizations and groups having related interests.

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